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Bike Pic: Pinarello Bolide

Brand new TT bike to be used by team sky.



Bike Pic: Colnago Carbitubo

Early carbon frame, aluminium lugs, that bike style. Me wants.



Bike Pic: BMC Timemachine

Lovely piece of Swiss engineering, one of the few carbon frames I’d love to own.


Look at dat crankset.

Bike Picture Time: Old Faithful



Maybe not the prettiest track bike but certainly one of the most  influential, the handmade bike won world champions and broke hour records. I have seen and touched this exact bike in real life and to see the time and effort put into it just for the few seconds the bike would save is quite inspiring  Details like filing down the crank arms to make them aerodynamic or bolting the shoes to the pedals to make them lighter and rigid. It certainly is a cool bike. If you are in Scotland pop into the National Museum of Scotland and have a look. It’s quite impressive, and if you haven’t read Obree’s biography you really should, it’s very good.

Rob English Naked Steel Time Trial Bike.

Steel TT Bike. By Rob English nice.

Steel TT Bike. By Rob English nice.

Really nice steel handmade time trial bicycle. Definitely my favourite time trial bike. – more info.